Dasvi review

Dasvi review: Is it worth watching?

Dasvi is a new Bollywood movie by debutant director Tushar Jalota starring Abhishek Bachan, Nimrat Kaur, and Yami Gautam in the leading roles. It was released on Netflix on 6th April 2022. Here is the Dasvi review and find the answer to the question, “Is it worth watching?”

How will “The New Movie Releases” do the Dasvi review?

Dasvi is a political comedy movie. As the genre of the film is political satire, instead of checking the movie layer by layer, we look how well the movie is faithful to the subject it discusses.


Chief Minister, Gangaram Chaudhary, was sent under judicial custody after being accused of a scam. He hands over the Chief Minister’s position to his wife, Bimla Devi, for not letting the power go out of his house.

He started to get good facilities in the jail in the beginning. But the appointment of the new Jail Superintendent made his life miserable, and he was forced to do work in the prison as per his educational qualification. For getting exempted from working in the jail, he decided to attempt the 10th-grade exam.

The unexpected power that Bimla Devi got changes her character, and slowly she is also turning into a cunning politician.

Will Gangaram complete his 10th grade? Will Gangaram become chief minister again?

Dasvi review: Is it worth watching?

Direction: 3.5

Even though there isn’t any wow factor in Tushar Jalota’s direction, he has done above-average work in Dasvi. Being a debutant, he did his job better, and indeed, he deserves applause. But few places, especially the scenes inside the jail, seem to be exaggerated.

Script: 3.5

Because Dasvi is a political satire movie, we observed that the scriptwriters Suresh Nair and Ritesh Shah had conveyed the message that they wanted to give through the film. But still, they could have made some improvements in many places.  

Their attempts to showcase the topics like caste-based vote banks, inter-caste marriage, and political horse-trading with sarcasm seem interesting.

Music  : 3.5

Sachin Jigarm has done the background score of the movie. Even though the songs are not that memorable, the background scores during many emotional and crucial scenes have enhanced the feel-good experience of the film.

Actors : 4.5

Abhishekh has made a comeback to Bollywood with this movie. He has perfectly done the role of an uneducated Chief Minister who is later transformed into a visionary. Nimrat Kaur has perfectly pictured the transition of a housewife to a politician. Yami Gautam proves that she is the perfect person for this role.

Overall experience: 4

Overall, the film is entertaining and engaging. The movie seems to have some real-life references from Indian political history. But many of the scenes seem to be a bit exaggerated, but it will become ok while considering the genre of the movie.

“The New Movie Releases” rating: 3.8

If we start looking from a critic point of view, we can find a lot of negatives for the film. But from the shoes of an average movie lover, this movie will be entertaining and engaging. It was being sincere about the subject it discussed. “The New Movie Releases” recommends this movie for all our followers.

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