CBI 5 The Brain review

CBI 5 The Brain review: Does it meet the expectations?

“CBI 5 The Brain” is the latest episode of the investigational sequel led by veteran CBI officer Sethurama Iyer. The movie is released on May 1st over the screens worldwide. The expectations of the film skyrocketed when the scriptwriter of the movie S. N. Swamy announced the movie. But, does it meet the audience’s expectations?. Here is the CBI 5 The Brain review from “The New Movie Releases”.

CBI 5 The Brain Review
CBI 5 The Brain review

CBI 5 The Brain review

The Plot of the movie

The movie starts with Ranji Paniker (Balagopal – Senior CBI officer) narrating the story of one of the most challenging cases faced by CBI to a new batch of trainees. The case is as follows.

A minister from the State of Kerala expired due to a heart attack on the flight from Delhi. Later on, one staff member of the deceased minister was found missing. Within no time, the cardiologist of the minister was found dead in a forest while trekking. The journalist who accuses that these deaths are murders and there is a connection between these is later found himself hanged. The Police officer who investigated this case was later killed in an accident. The Kerala Police later pointed their fingers at the chance of a basket-killing approach. But, they couldn’t conclude.

At this point, the CBI takes charge of the investigation of the death of the Police officer. Once the investigation progressed, they found that all the earlier deaths were murders, and they were connected. What is the real motive behind the death? Who is the killer? Who is the master brain behind all these killings?. Watch the movie to find all the answers.

Now let’s read the CBI 5 The Brain review from ” The New Movie Releases.”

Direction & Script

The director of the movie, K.Madhu, and the scriptwriter of the film S.N.Swamy have done a decent job keeping the movie’s expectations. Even though there aren’t many wow factors in the movie, the director and the scriptwriter successfully kept the audience engaged till the end. The film was maintaining its pace and was not lagging in any places.

The movie doesn’t provide many nail-biting experiences, but it successfully keeps the audience’s curiosity till the last moment. The climax contains a lot of twists, but we feel they could have made it better when considering the expectations of the movie. The way they introduced Jagathy Sreekumar was cautious without just adding some sentiment and nostalgia, and these scenes are even changing the entire direction of the investigation itself.

We believe that the movie is better than part 4, but we doubt it is as engaging as parts 1 & 2. The Malayalam movie industry and crime thrillers have evolved a lot in the past few years. Even though they did a decent job, they could have improved to compete with the latest investigational thrillers and provide more thrilling experiences.

The scriptwriter has also made another suspense after the climax. That is the hint to the next part. The way they point to part 6 is also appreciable.


Mammotty and the other main actors in the movie have done their part to their best. Mammotty could maintain the same style and mannerisms of Sethurama Iyer even after this many years. His screen presence and performance are marvelous, making the movie more attractive. Saikumar, as DySP Sathyadas, has also maintained his performance as in part 3. Mukesh, Renji Paniker, Soubin, Asha Sharath, Ramesh Pisharady, Ansiba, Idavela Babu, and others have also presented their roles in good shape. Special applause has to be given to bringing back veteran actor Jagathy Sreekumar.

Music & other technical aspects

The main highlight of the movie is its music itself. The iconic theme music of the CBI series, initially composed by Shyam, is being recreated in this part by Jakes Bejoy. He has done an appreciable job by being sincere to the original score. The music which is there throughout the movie makes the movie more attractive and becomes the heart and soul of the film.

A special mention has to be given to Akhil George for beautifully visualizing the film and Sreekar Prasad for his sensible editing, making it a curious watch without lagging.

Overall experience : CBI 5 The Brain review

K. Madhu and S.N.Swamy have done a decent job presenting the 5th part of the epic CBI series. All the actors have done their part well. The appearance of Sethurama Iyer with the epic background music is still the highlight of the movie. The music, camera, and editing of the movie are made good, which provides an excellent and fast experience in the theatres. Even though the film is not updated to the extent of the latest investigational thrillers, you will still get an above-average investigative and thrilling experience from CBI 5.

And here is the verdict of CBI 5 The Brain review from us. “The New Movie Releases” rates the movie with a score of 3.5 and recommends CBI 5 The Brain to all readers.

CBI 5 The Brain trailer

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