New OTT releases May 2022

New OTT releases May 2022 first week

New OTT releases in first week of May 2022

Here is the complete list of new OTT releases in May 2022 first week. Scroll down to find the OTT release platforms and OTT release date of this week’s new OTT releases, Jhund, Thar, Saani Kaayidham, Asangadithar, Man of the match and Nasir.

Jhund (Hindi)

Jhund is the first of our New OTT releases in May 2022.

OTT platform       : Zee5

Genre                   : Biography, Sports

Cast                      : Amitabh Bachchan, Ankush Gedam, Babu Kshatriya

Director                : Nagraj Popatrao Manjule

Former sports teacher Vijay wanted to keep street children from drugs and crime and to divert their life to being football players. To rehabilitate them, he started an NGO called Slum Soccer.

Jhund Trailer

Thar (Hindi)

Thar is the next new movie to our list of new releases in May 2022.

OTT platform       : Netflix

Genre                   : Action, Crime, Drama

Cast                      : Anil Kapoor, Harshvardhan Kapoor, Fatima Sana Shaikh

Director                : Raj Singh Chaudhary

To avenge his past, a man moves to a town and seeks a job. A veteran cop sees a chance to prove himself when a murder happens.

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Thar Trailer

Man Of The Match (Kannada)

OTT platform       : Prime videos

Genre                   : Comedy, Drama

Cast                      : Nataraj S Bhat, Dharmanna Kadooru, Sundar Veena, Veena Sundar

Director                : D. Sathya Prakash

Man Of The Match is another new release from the Kannada movie industry in May 2022.

An upcoming Director invites actors for an audition and creates conflicts among them. But without their knowledge, he makes a movie out of it.

Man Of The Match Trailer

Saani Kaayidham (Tamil, Malayalam)

OTT platform       : Prime Video

Genre                   : Drama, Action, erotic, Suspense

Cast                      : Keerty Suresh, K. Selvaraghavan

Director                : Arun Matheswaran

Saani Kaayidham is the new addition to the list of Tamil movies in Prime videos in May 2022.

Dominant caste men brutally raped Ponni, and they burned alive her husband and kid. She and her half-brother are after the culprits to take revenge.

Saani Kaayidham Trailer

Nasir (Tamil)

OTT platform       : Sony Liv

Genre                   : Drama

Cast                      : Valavane Koumarane, Sudha Ranganathan, Taj Sabari

Director                : Arun Karthick

It’s a worldwide recognized story about a middle-aged garment shop clerk. His silence speaks louder. Watch this new movie on Sony Liv, which is their new release.

Nasir Trailer

Asangadithar (Malayalam)

OTT platform       : Sony Liv

Genre                   : Drama

Cast                      : Srindha

Director                : Kunjila Mascillamani

Asangadithar is a part of the anthology movie Freedom fight and is the first of its type among the new OTT releases in May 2022. Few women in the unorganized sector organize themselves to fight for the basic toilet facilities to urinate in their workplaces. The story is based on actual incidents that even capture world media attention.

Asangadithar / Freedom Fight Trailer

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