Thar movie review

Thar movie review: Did it fulfill audience expectations?

Thar is the latest addition to Netflix, launched today, May 6th, 2022. This highly anticipated movie comes out with Anil Kapoor and his son Harshvarrdhan Kapoor in the leading role. Let’s read Thar movie review to see whether the new Anil Kapoor movie meets the audience’s expectations.

Thar movie review

The Plot of the movie

The movie is happening in the year 1985, in a border village of Rajasthan named Munabao. The film starts with a gang attacking a villager the day before his daughter’s marriage and they stole all the wealth from him which is kept for the marriage. The next day another villager Shua is killed and hanged by an unknown person. Inspector Surekha Singh who is acted by Anil Kapoor is given the charge of both the cases. Soon he could identify the motive behind the first incident and the cross-border influences behind it. He is on a mission to find out whether any connection exists between both incidents.

Meanwhile, a stranger, Siddharth, appears in Munabao. He runs an antique business and is in search of some educated people who can handle and transport his goods to Delhi. Is that the real reason why he is in Munabao? If not, what makes him reach there in the village. Can Surekha Singh figure out the reasons behind the murders?

Now let’s see what we feel about the cast and crew in the Thar movie review.

Direction, Story & Dialogues

The director Raj Singh Chaudhary has done an average job in Thar. As he mentioned in many interviews about his love of Western movies, we could also see the same influence in Thar. The silence in many places in the film, the deserted locations, and the story of the stranger coming to the village with a hidden agenda resembles the cowboy stories in many western movies.  But he was successful enough to sensibly stitch this concept to the culture of Rajasthan without losing its essence.

The planning of the locations and the shorts have shown a different beauty of Rajasthan. But the movie seems to be lagging in some places, but not dull. But this seems to be okay as the movie genre demands that. The film could keep the suspense till the end successfully, and the director has kept some twists to the end of the movie.

The dialogue of the story is written by none other than Anurag Kashyap. His talks are sharp enough for us to understand the hidden emotions inside each character. Even though there aren’t many dialogues in the movie, he also points to many ill cultures in the society, like the caste system, a male superiority in the family, and the situation of women inside the home.

Camera & Music

Cinematographer Shreya Dev Dube has taken full advantage of the uncovered parts of Rajasthan and has presented us with a different scenic beauty of Rajasthan with her beautiful frames and striking color palate. The beautiful music by Ajay Jayanthi has added beauty to all the frames and successfully set the desired mood for the movie.


Now let’s see what we feel about the actors in this Harshwarrdhan and Anil Kapoor movie. Special mention must be given to Anil Kapoor as he was living in the role of a Police Officer. He could present the deep emotions lying inside Surekha Singh as a Police Officer and as a person. Even though Harshvarrdhan hasn’t had many dialogues, he could be able to communicate with his eyes and mannerisms. Considering the fact that he is an evolving actor, he has done a decent job. The female lead Fatima Sana Shaikh has also done her role better. Another person who deserves special mention is Satish Kaushik, who played the role of the Police constable. Other artists in the movie also played a part in a commendable way.

Thar movie review: Overall Performance

The story of the movie Thar is based on revenge. The director could present the story in a convincing way to the audience. Other technical elements of the film also did their part well to support the director. Actors have also done a commendable job, but special mention has to be given to Anil Kapoor himself.

As per the above Thar movie review, “The New Movie Releases” recommend the movie “Thar” to all our readers.

Thar movie Trailer

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