Mahaveeryar movie review

What is this movie all about? : Mahaveeryar movie review

Mahaveeryar movie review

“What is this movie all about?”. My six-year-old daughter used to ask me this question every time I watched a movie with her. This time also she asked me this question after watching Mahaveeryar. But I didn’t have a clear answer to her question then. Surprisingly I heard the same question from a few other audiences after the movie’s completion. Is it because the movie is not understandable, or the audience’s understanding has not risen to the movie’s level. Let’s have a look. 

Before watching the movie, I heard a lot of good reviews about the film from many online news and entertainment portals. All of them almost succeeded in convincing me that this movie is in the genre of comedy, fantasy and time travel and will be the next industry hit. Here is our opinion on the film.  

Mahaveeryar movie review: Synopsis

The movie starts with an illness King Rudra Mahaveera faces, i.e., hiccups. Due to this issue, the king is not even able to take sleep. He insists his minister Veerabhadran bring him a particular solution within one week to sleep better. 

Suddenly, the movie shifts to the modern day with the appearance of a hermit named Apoornanada in a village. But at the same time, the sculpture from the temple got missing, and the hermit is accused of stealing that and gets arrested. When presented to the court, he defends himself well versed in all the court proceedings and the Indian Penal Code. 

But in the movie’s second half, past and present merge. King Rudra from the ancient era is facing a trial in the modern day court in a case given by a young lady. 

Mahaveeryar movie review

Abrid Shine is joining with Nivin Pauly for the third time after 1983 and inspector Biju. The story of the movie is taken from the work of writer M. Mukundan. When the director’s first movie is a comedy entertainer with a realistic touch,  the second movie was based entirely on the real life of police officers. But when it comes to their third movie, it becomes a fantasy movie, making the audience think to understand what the filmmakers are conveying fully. Although many scenes in the movie could be controversial, the moviemakers didn’t use them for their promo to seek the audience’s initial attention, which deserves respect. The director has presented those excellently too.

The movie questions the audience about how much we have evolved in matters of the personal freedom of our fellow beings and the justice we give them. By conducting the king’s trial against the complaint of his dependent, the movie makers symbolically visualize a trial between the modern-day powerhouses and ordinary men.  But like in many situations we witness today, the king’s interest is getting protected, saying, “the king will not do wrong. Even after centuries, the judiciary became powerless against influential people. The one who seeks justice is getting denied and is forced to safe guard the interests of the King.

Even though we can not tell that someone has done a fantastic performance, all the actors in the movie have done their part well. The music in the film was up to the mark, and the movie’s cinematography also kept the expectations and added beauty to many of the scenes.

Mahaveeryar movie review: What we feel about the movie?

Abride Shine and Nivin deserve applause for presenting an experimental movie in a good way. The team’s topic is very much relevant in the current scenario. But how much it reaches the normal audience is a question mark. It’s a movie with few comedies in the first half, slowly switching to a serious route in the second half. We need to think twice to understand what the moviemakers did utterly. For those who like serious and experimental movies, it’s your piece of cake. But if you want to watch a full entertainment movie, we don’t recommend the film to you. 

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